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Saturday, 11 May 2013 14:02

Sheikh of Abu Dhabi Mohammad Bin Saqr bin Mohammad Al Qassimi visited Kozarska Dubica today.

He arrived in Kozarska Dubica accompanied by the Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the United Arab Emirates Alexander Dragicevic and other associates, and were received by the Mayor of Kozarska Dubica Mile Zlojutro, the member of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska mr Darko Banjac and the president of the municipal assembly mr Nebojša Milovčević and other municipal officials. Municipal representatives spoke with mr Mohammed about tourism and economic potentials of the municipality and visited companies "Unaplod" and "Nova Mehanika". Sheikh Mohammed was once a minister in his country and was involved in the affairs of state, and now runs his own private business.


He says he has come to see the benefits that are offered to investors here, especially the safety of their investments, for which he had a series of meetings with the state representatives. The guests visited companies "Nova Mehanika", "Unaplod" and orchards of the company, and attended the presentation about the other resources of our municipality held by the Director of Local Development Agency of Kozarska Dubica mr Danijel Marjanović. They've also heard the example of good experiences of foreign investment in Kozarska Dubica from mr Dražen Vidović, executive manager of "Dubikoton".